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Bette Daze Our Story


Bette Daze | Our Story 

Bette Daze was born during a global pandemic. With a newborn baby in my arms whilst on maternity leave and watching my Bali based wedding biz plateau due to COVID-19.

I have always had a huge love affair with Bali, especially the people. From the moment my now husband took me there for the very first time. He wanted to show me how beautiful the culture was after we'd travelled together throughout Europe and boy did I fall in love with the place. We travelled to Bali for years for our holidays, got married there and that prompted the creation of The Bali Bride, our biz, a Guide to Bali Weddings.

We, my husband and I always wanted to create a sister company to The Bali Bride and the time felt right. With so many fashion forward friends in my friendship circle I set out to create the ultimate luxury robe (for your wedding daze and for those global pandemic's) and with their help it came together so authentically. A fabulous backyard soiree had our circle help to choose our preferred linens, some follow up meets the fit was perfected and as I received more samples the next visit always consisted of a try-on haul.

With help from my inner circle my objective quickly became about women. Being inspired by them, feeling empowered by them and working together to create a labour of love. Friendship and love was so apparent in the creation of this brand and the yearn to create fashion that will make you look and feel your best.

So the thought came, why cant we feel this special every day? Especially on our wedding day. You deserve to feel special every day and so do the people around you.

If I think back, as I started to look for manufactures, materials and who we were going to work with we wanted to find someone who would honour our requests. Small batches, natural fibre materials, ethical production and minimal wastage. We found a wonderfully small, family run production factory who fit this perfectly.

Putting our Bali Wedding biz on hold throughout COVID-19 also allowed us to see that through this new venture we could continue to support Bali as we have in the past. Which is why we manufacture in Bali. Our orders with this small factory allow the people to work there to put food on the table, pay for living expenses and their children the necessities to go to school. When we visit we watch them work their magic, talk with them, watch the happy production line and thank them in person. (Outside of the global pandemic) Note: We have been researching the robe idea for a few years (whilst we used to visit Bali)

So, we are excited to share that a portion of our profits will also be sent to our chosen charity of the month so we can continue to support them further.

Now you know our story, we'd love to hear how you found us. Let us know on DM over at @bette_daze.

And to all of the people that have been a part of this journey, I thank you so much! You have made this a true labour of love and I can't wait to continue to share it with you.